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A Powerful Analytics Tool for Teachers

Live Understanding
Know immediately when students stop following with actionable data.

Interruption-Free Questions
Easily manage questions without a single raised hand.

Painless Formative Assessment
Quickly check comprehension with prompts for students to answer.

Supercharge Your Lecture
Put phones, laptops, and tablets to use for a more engaging experience.

Better Student Focus
Daydreaming only occurs at night now with a more interactive classroom.

Accessible Support
Have any questions or ideas? Contact us 24/7. We’re here for you.

How does Class work?

Teachers have a lot on their plates and we’d like to help out.

Class works by leveraging the devices students have (phones, tablets, laptops) and putting them to work for you. Effectively, giving you teaching superpowers.

As you teach, students easily select whether they are following or not. Class takes this information and is able to quantify how well your students are understanding the lecture in real-time. Class takes it one step further and also helps you manage questions and assess comprehension with multiple-choice prompts.

Ultimately, Class allows you to prevent misunderstandings from becoming misconceptions and empowers you to focus on what matters most: teaching.

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